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2009 Russian Festival


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As of Tuesday 22 June 2010 I am retired. I still serve actively as a deacon, of course, but I now have a steady income, although a fixed one.

God has blessed me with countless opportunities for personal growth and enjoyment of life. The purpose of this site is to share with you the many, many positive experiences which I have had over the years. I also have a few needs. I am also accepting donatons through PayPal. Please see the bottom of the page.

For 2010 I have started indicating the number of photographs on a page if the number is 50 or more.

aumento de busto

My prior web host stated that I was in violation of their policy. They claim that they have unlimited space now and when I hit 30 GB, that was a violation because I went over the limit. I checked with another company and they said "If we say unlimited, that is exactly what we mean."

I'm slowly but surely adding many history photographs. Many of these are bringing back very pleasant memories to me.

Are you an Orthodox Christian and a veteran?

The 2008 Russian Festival photographs are still on my site.

Deacon Michael and Godson Thomas

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  Diocesan Retreat
  Diocesan Retreat
28-30 September 2010
  Book Fair
Saturday 25 September 2010
  Police Ride-along
Friday 24 September 23010
  Memory Eternal - Subdeacon Michael Shandor
Wednesday 22 September 2010
  Scenery from Baltimore CItyi
Sunday 19 September 2010
  Holy Trinity Social Hour
Sunday 19 September 2010
  Holy Trinity Crab Feast
Friday 17 September 2010
  In Memory of Bishop Basil
Friday 17 September 2010
  St. Mary's Park
Tuesday 14 September 2010
  Holy Cross Feast
Monday 13 September 2010
  Holy Trinity BVlessing of Choir Loft
Sunday 12 September 2010
  Holy Cross Mission Festival
Saturday 11 September 2010
  Dr. Engelhardt
Wednesday 8 September 2010
  Wesleyan College
Thursday 2 September 2010
  Sophia's Baptism
Sunday 29 August 2010
  Holy Trinity's Spas Picnic
Sunday 22 August 2010
  Orthodox Christian Prison Minist5ry
19-21 August 2010
  Bob and Mary's Party
Sunday 15 August 2010

Memory Eternal
Wednesday 11 August 2010

Cotton candy was a big hit at the picnic. One of the members of the parish owns the machine to make it.

Four Evangelists Picnic
8 August 2010
185 Photos


Maybe she can replace the cat down the street who just moved away.
National Zoo, etc.
6 August 2010
110 Photos

There is nothing like team work and I hope that two communities are coming together here.
National Night Out
3 August 2010
84 Photos

Governor O'Malley and others at the Press Conference
State Center Press Conference
27 July 2010
99 Photos

Doanh and Garth cut the cake as Tim helps.

Doanh-Garth Wedding
25 July 2010
285 Photos

The couple next to me remembers me from when I was an active member of the cathedral parish.
St. Nicholas Cathedral
18 July 2010
28 Photos

You never know what delights you will see at ArtScape.
17 July 2010
65 Photos

This in the interior of my beloved cathedral.
St. Nicholas Cathedral-funeral
13 July 2010
133 Photos

Monthly crab fest
Brotherhood Crab Fest
9 July 2010
6 Photos

A view of Fort McHenry from the Top of the World.
Ranger Tour
6 July 2010
52 Photos

This statue is in Mount Vernon Square.
Mount Vernon Walking Cultural Tour
4 July 2010
28 Photos

This scene is in the middle of Baltimore City.
Seton Hill
4 July 2010
34 Photos

Networking at the meeting
Neighborhood Grants Program
30 June 2010
16 Photos

We are all here to congratulate Vera. It is hard to believe that she has graduated from high school.
Graduation Party
26 June 2010
40 Photos

First Divine Liturgy at the Orthodox St. John the Baptist Adult Medical Day Care Center
Feast of St. John the Baptist
24 June 2010

21 Photos

Rachel blows out the candles on her birthday cake.
Birthday celebration
20 June 2010

13 Photos

Deacon Nicholas conducts the Readers Class.
Reader's Class
19 June 2010

34 Photos

Chuck makes a comment about the value of Ubuntu Linux.
Maryland Ubuntu Users Group Meeting
Thursday 17 June 2010

5 Photos

Lori from Planning gives the presentation.
TransForm Baltimore
17 June 2010

8 Photos

Future chess players draw the raffle tickets at the chess wrap up dinner.
Chess Dinner
15 June 2010

27 Photos

MTA's Administrator Ralign Wells gives a wonderful presentation.
TRAC Meeting
14 June 2010

13 Photos

Ribbon cutting
St. John the Baptist Adult Medical Day Care Center Open House
13 June 2010

228 Photos

These girls are giving their undivided attention to Fr. John.
Holy Trinity Graduation
13 June 2010

72 Photos

Archbishop Justinian opens the Third Annual Bible Bowl competiton.
Bible Bowl
12 June 2010

152 Photos

My godson Thomas receives a blessing from the archbishop.
Archbishop's Visit
12 June 2010

109 Photos

The entertainment at the Festival was outstanding.
Greek Folk Festival
10 June 2010
28-80mm lens

103 Photos

American Idol's contestant and star of Broadway's Rock of Ages Constantine Maroulis
Greek Folk Festival
10 June 2010
70-300mm lens

143 Photos

Senator Ben Carden dedicates the new extension of the trail.

Gwynn Falls Trail Day
5 June 2010

40 Photos

What will replace these buildings?
Construction and demonstration
5 June 2010

10 Photos

New asphalt is being put down on St. Mary Street in front of my house.
Seton Hill Construction
1 June 2010

17 Photos

I had a great time with this four-year and her twin sister.
St. Tikhon's
31 May 2010
28mm lens

168 Photos

Archbishop Seraphim stands behind Archbishop Justinian.
St. Tikhon's
31 May 2010
70mm lens

163 Photos

Precious Maddie
Penny's Chrismation
30 May 2010
70-300mm lens

62 Photos

"As many as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ, Alleluia"!

Penny's Chrismation
30 May 2010

28-80mm lens

73 Photos

One of the statues in the Mount Vernon Square.
Seton Hill/Mount Vernon
29 May 2010

11 Photos

Playground at the Towson Y
28 May 2010

17 Photos

One of the youths has Bradley's undivided attention.
28 May 2010
70-300mm lens

87 Photos

Students and coaches prepare for the final chess tournament of the academic year.

28 May 2010
28-80mm lens

292 Photos

Coppin State University
27 May 2010

15 Photos

Marianne C. Athen, Vice President of Adult Medical Day Services, and Pat Bartsocas of the Orthodox St. John the Baptist Adult Medical Day Care
St. John the Baptist Adult Day Care Center
24 May 2010

11 Photos

Everything is green for Pentecost.
23 May 2010

12 Photos
MasterPlan Charette
22 May 2010

44 Photos

Competition is really keen among these kids.
21 May 2010

304 Photos

Reisterstown Plaza Metro Station
20 May 2010

21 Photos

When will the intersection be open?
17 May 2010

4 Photos

91st Anniversary Divine Liturgy
16 May 2010

151 Photos

The work is completed.
15 May 2010

8 Photos

Reading Joseph discusses icons to a Renaissance group.
Church Tour
15 May 2010

4 Photos

This is getting intense! Mia is really serious now.
14 May 2010

235 Photos

These young ladies are enjoying our Movie Night.
14 May 32010

5 Photos

More work on our cul-de-sac removal
Seton Hill
13 May 2010

11 Photos

This is a wonderful family style restaurant.
12 May 2010

4 Photos

Karen, Donna, et al. have done a tremendous amount of work to make St. Mary Park attractive.
West Balatimore
10-11 May 2010

46 Photos

Fr. John and Deacon Michael
Leaving Taking of Pascha
9 May 2010

69 Photos

We're getting closer to completion.
9 May 2010

17 Photos

The annual Flower Mart is always a fun event.
8 May 2010

39 Photos

Some people call this progress and others call it a big loss.
8 May 2010

20 Photos

Our carriage house at Cathedral Gardens
Cathedral Gardens
8 May 2010

32 Photos

I had to photograph this beautiful pick-up truck which is still being used today.
West Baltimore
7 May 2010

11 Photos

Cul-de-sac is coming along.
6 May 2010

14 Photos

Years ago I would had jumped at the opportunity to purchase this house.
West Baltaimore
5 May 2010

16 Photos

"Get out of Dodge!"
West Baltimore
4 May 2010

5 Photos

This scenery is just down the street from Mondawmin Mall.
Mondawmin scenery
3 May 2010

21 Photos

A view of some of those attending the Imagine2060 meeting.
3 May 2010

47 Photos

Our own Yulia was visited by three of her girlfriends frm back home in Russia.
Church Hall
2 May 2010

11 Photos

The oldest gothic revival church in the country
St. Mary Park
1 May 2010

5 Photos

Removing the cul-de-sac was a big job, but thank God the City did it.
1 May 2010

19 Photos

Fr. John blesses his new car.
Car Blessing
1 May 2010

8 Photos

Ms. Jane Watts
Jane Watts
28 April 2010

2 Photos

Fr. Ishije, Deacon Michael, and Michael
Fr. Ishije
25 April 2010

15 Photos

Part of the entertainment at the IOCC's Taste of Baltimore
IOCC's Taste of Baltimore
24 April 2010

347 Photos

What a beautiful walk!
St. Mary Park
22 April 2010

6 Photos

The residents of Seton Hill worked hard to have the cul-de-sac removed at the south end of Orchard Street.
Cul-de-sac removal
21 April 2010

8 Photos

One never knows who will be at the church hall at any given time.
Church Hall
18 April 2010

18 Photos

Mary prepares some of the items for sale.
Holy Trinity Flea Market
17 April 20120

20 Photos

Our chapel at Cathedral Gardens
Cathedral Gardens
17 April 2010

20 Photos

Spirit cruise ship
East Baltimore senery
16 April 2010

46 Photos

Our elementary school kids were not intimidated by the high school kids and quite often won their games.
16 April 2010

181 Photos

My favorite walkway in St. Mary Park
Seton Hill
15 April 2010

55 Photos

Dinner at Kali's Court
Parade Wrap-up Dinner
15 April 2010

All had a good time, including the children.

St. Thomas Sunday
11 April 2010
28-80mm lens

208 Photos

Fr. Gregory and Deacon Mark are blessing graves.
St. Thomas Sunday
11 April 2010
70-300mm lens

208369 Photos

What a blessing to have the Divine Liturgy outside at the chapel!
St. Thomas Sunday
11 April 2010
Canon camera

45 Photos

Bright Saturday Hierarchal Divine Liturgy
Bright Saturday
10 April 2010

326 Photos

One of the ministers at the April 2010 IMA meeting
Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance
and Seton Hill
8 April 2010

19 Photos

Eatery at Charles and Saratoga
Downtown Baltimore
6 April 2010

4 Photos

Our flower auction - a fun event and money raiser
Bright Monday
5 April 2010


It is not very often that I get this opportunity to hold a baby, and Nate is a special baby.
Pascha Dinner
4 April 2010

46 Photos

Tatiana and Albina are enjoying the wonderful Pascha banquet.
4 April 2010

6 Photos

Blessing of Pascha baskets after Holy Saturday Liturgy.
Holy Saturday
3 April 2010

20 Photos

The tomb of Christ
Holy Friday
2 April 2010

22 Photos

Court yard at Holy Trinity
Holy Trinity vicinity
1 April 2010

10 Photos
Seton Hill
29 March 2010

19 Photos

Children choir sings during the Divine Liturgy.
Palm Sunday
28 March 2010

386 Photos

Deacon Michael and Fr. John are doing the Proskomede in the middle of the temple.

Lazarus Saturday
27 March 2010

82 Photos

US Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD)
Census Meeting
22 March 2010

47 Photos

Fr John censes before the Gospel during the Passion Vespers.
Passion Vespers
21 March 2010

22 Photos

The Greek Independence Day Parade was a day of remembering and fun for all.
Greek Independence Day Parade
21 March 2010

365 Photos

Fr Theodore Dorrance
Annual Lenten Retreat
20 March 2010

168 Photos

I really felt as if I were in the West when I walked down the street in March 2010.
Water Work and Seton Hill
17 March 2010

33 Photos

Construction scene in Seton Hill
Water Work and Seton Hill
15-16 March 2010

18 Photos

Mary shows off one of her birthday presents.
Happy birthday, Mary
14 March 2010

25 Photos

Two women cut the material for one of the vestments.
More work on vestments
14 March 2010

22 Photos

Metropolitan Jonah blesses the people during the Liturgy.
St. Matthew's Lenten Retreat
13 March 2010

93 Photos

Metropolitan Jonah
St. Matthew's Lenten Retreat
12 March 2010

25 Photos

Myai Harris discusses her plans for an upscale lounge in the area.
Seton Hill Association Meeting
9 March 2010

2 Photos

This is why I was late for my interview which should never had been scheduled in the first place.
Job Interview
8 March 2010

42 Photos

Anna works on the white robe for my god-son.
Sisterhood Makes Vestments
7 March 2010

18 Photos

Liturgy of the Pre-sanctified Gifts
Presanctified Liturgy and Discussion
3 March 2010

27 Photos
Trip to St. Louis MO

During take-off the pilot told us that there is a picture here and I took advantage of it.n
Flight to Baltimore
1 March 2010

108 Photos

This strange looking creature is an anteater.
28 February 2010

281 Photos

A display at the museum
Art Museum
28 February 2010

82 Photos

Great Entrance at the Divine Liturgy
Divine Liturgy
28 February 2010

25 Photos

Theotokos Unexpected Joy Mission temple
Ash Grove MO
27 February 2010

139 Photos

Meramec Springs MO
Meramec Springs
27 February 2010

127 Photos

Deacon Michael describes his journey to Orthodoxy.
Presanctified Liturgy and Presentation
26 February 2010

65 Photos

The Arch in St. Louis
Sightseeing in St. Louis
26 February 2010

176 photos

Aerial shot between Baltimore and St. Louis
Flight to St. Louis
25 February 2010

57 photos
Liturgical Life in Baltimore MD

Fr. Jorge delivers the homily during the Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers.
Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers
21 February 2010

49 photos

Peace be to all!
21 February 2010

31 photos

Vera directs the children choir.
Sunday of Orthodoxy Liturgy
21 February 2010

79 photos

One year old!
House Blessing
20 February 2010

50 photos
Snow 2010

Another view from beautiful Cathedral Gardens
Snow at Cathedral Gardens
20 February 2010

20 photos

Go ahead and paint this if you are an artist.
Snow at Cathedral Gardens
13 February 2010

30 photos

Canaan Baptist Church cleans up Tessier Street after doing Saint Mary Street.
Help from the church
12 February 2010

35 photos

We can actually drive on our street.
Trying to get back to normal
11 February 2010

103 photos

Would you believe that this is almost downtown Baltimore?
Continuation of Snow Storm
10 February 2010

32 photos

Outside my house at night
Second Snow Storm
09 February 2010

16 photos

The City did not plow so we shoveled and go the job done.
Neighborhood Teamwork
08 February 2010

19 photos

Notice how high the snow is piled.
Snow Storm
06 February 2010

51 photos
Liturgical Life

Fr. Daniel talks about his mission.

Fr Daniel
31 January 2010

15 photos

A night shot of my church in the first snow of 2010
First snow of 2010
30 January 2010

22 photos

These ladies are doing what every citizen in Baltimore can do, namely getting involved in the policy making decisions of their neighborhood and city.
Seton Hill Master Plan Charrette
30 January 2010

46 photos

This building is one of the reasons for the tour.
Lexington Street Tour
28 January 2010

61 photos

There was plenty of good food and company at the party hosted by Bob and Mary.
Bob and Mary's Party
24 January 2010

29 photos

Come to Friendly Farm for a very enjoyable dining experience.
Friendly Farm Restaurant and vicinity
22 February 2010

108 photos

"That this water may become a fountain springing up unto life eternal, let us pray to the Lord."
19 January 2010

434 photos

Some of the guests for the baptism
Baptism of Penelope
17 January 2010

"What is he doing to me?"
Baptism of Nathaniel
16 January 2010

71 photos

The Christmas decorations were taken down from our church on Friday 15 January 2010.
Brotherhood and tree
15 January 2010

Fr. George's Nativity party
Nativity Party
08 January 2010

64 photos

Holy Trinity Nativity celebration
07 January 2010

She and I had a wonderful conversation about the late Bishop Basil of Washington.
New Year's Day
01 January 2010

Two of our young workers
2009 Russian Festival
Sunday 18 October 2009

updated Saturday 31 October 2009

Vlada, a Russian princess
2009 Russian Festival
Saturday 17 October 2009

Dessert table at the Russian Festival
2009 Russian Festival
Friday 16 October 2009



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