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Nature's color show
Moon & trees,
21, 25-26 Nov 07
Decision making process Seton Hill Neighborhood Assoc. meeting, 13 Nov 07

Johnny and his other Mary Lou
WP BUG, 12 Nov 07

Anesia and Michael listen as Fr. John makes a point
PTO Meeting,
11 Nov 07

Dancers at the Festival
Greek Festival, Sun. 11 Nov

Dinning area
Greek Festival, Sat 10 Nov
  St Martin Church, 09 Nov 07

Clergy at PanOrthodox Liturgy
Pan Orthodox Concelebration, 4 Nov 07

My first ROCOR Vigil as a Deacon
Vigil for St. John of Kondstadt,
31 Oct 07

Catonsvilile students
St Mary Park work,
27 Oct 07

Greek dancers
IOCC Dinner, 19 Oct 07

Seton Hill elections meeting
Seton Hill elections,
9 Oct 07

State Senator Verna Jones and TRAC President Ed Cohen
TRAC, 8 Oct 07

Cy showing his cutting skills
Kielbasi making, 8 Oct 07

Archbishop Lazar
Archbishop Lazar
5 Oct 07

Neighbor working on my front door
Door Fixed, 5 Oct 07

Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance meeting
IMA Meeting, 4 Oct 07

Holy Cross both at Fair
Linthicum Fair,
29 Sep 07

Blessing of children for new school year
Church School New Year,
16 Sep 07

Joseph is busy chopping nuts for bread
Festival Preparation
Sat 15 Sep 07

Sophia and Ron enjoying crabs
crab feast, Fri 14 Sep 07

Dinner after service
Exaltation of the Holy Cross
Thur 13 Sep 07

Rat Patrol Academy
cats, 11-13 Sep 07

One of our own members participates in the Ukrainian Festival also
Ukrainian Festival
Sun 9 Sep 07

You can see John perform at the Russian Festival in October 2008
Ukrainian Festival
Sat 8 Sep 07

One of the young workers beautifying my neighborhood
Shashana S. Cardin School,
7 Sep 07

the dinner party minus Kira the photographer
Baptismal dinner, 2 Sep 07

Distribution of flowers after Liturgy
Dormition flowers, 2 Sep 07

Michae, Tendai, and Fr. John
Preparing incense, 1 Sep 07

Dormition, 27 Aug 07

Picnic time is fun time
Another parish picnic, 26 Aug 07

Thomas is baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
Tendai's baptism, 26 Aug 07
Updated Tuesday 4 Sept 07

Married 60 years - incredible
60th wedding anniversary,
25 Aug 07

Stakeholders putting their minds together
CityScaping meeting, 25 Aug 07

She's obviously enjoying the picnic
Spas Picnic, 19 Aug 07

Interior view
Basilica of the Assumption,
17 Aug 07

Our president displays one of the proposed plans
Seton Hill Meeting 14 Aug 07

Mark and two of his daughters
Home sending 14 Aug 07

Two of several frequent visitors
Visitors at Cathedral Gardens,
11&18 Aug 07

Revised 28 August 2007

Valentina enjoying some crabs
Crabfeast 10 Aug 07

Vera displying her dancing skills
Twelfth Night, 9&12 Aug 07

These girls will steal your heart!
National Night Out 6 Aug 07

Blessing of fruits
(only photo taken)
Blessing of fruits 6 Aug 07

My assistant photographer
Visit of Fr. Basil Micek 29 Jul 07

Seton Hill citizens
Seton Hill Neighborhood Association BGE Meeting,
26 Jul 07

Archbishop Seraphim and Fr. Michael Roshak
OCA 2007 Parish Ministries Conference, 25 Jul 07

"The handmaid of God is baptized..."
Coffee Hour/Baptism, 22 Jul 07

A daily visitor to Cathedral Garden
Visitors at cemetery,
21 Jul 07

One of the many spectators
ArtScape, 21 Jul 07

A great way to enjoy a picnic
Georgian picnic

Sandy hard at work
Church school painting - Neighborhood Association

There was plenty for everybody
Crab feast

Fr. George Johnson with Icon
Miraculous icon of St. Anna

All of creation worships Him
Saints Peter and Paul

Fr. Daniel in Bible Study
Bible study

Bishop Thomas can really throw the pigskin
Parish Life Conference

Fr. Daniel reading from the Bible
Journey to Orthodoxy

Fr. Daniel
"Christ Has Caught Me"

Brandon and Doanh
Chrismation Party


Fr Theodoros "challenges" one of the kids
Mediterranean Festival

Art kneading dough
Festival Preparation 23 June 2007

Where I lived in the seventh grade
A Former Neighborhood of Mine

chapel at St Josaphat Seminary
St. Josaphat's Seminary

Fr. Paschal Pamorlino OSB and Fr. Robert Taft SJ after Orthodox Divine Liturgy
Orientale Lumen
* St. Benedict's Lovely Rectory

Festival co-chairman David Eichelberger
Russian Festival - Sunday


Ukranian dancers
Russian Festival - Saturday


Natalie (right) and friend - two of our guests
Russian Festival - Friday


The tomb of Christ
Holy Friday; Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church


Fr. John blessing the palms and pussy willows
Palm Sunday Vigil Service; Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church


Pastor Fr. John Vass cleans the chalice
Lazarus Saturday Clean-up; Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church

a volunteer sorts through some of the clothes to be sent overseas
Orphanage packages & kolbasa; Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church


Loaves and Fishes; Greek Orthdox Cathedral of the Annunciation


clergy in the Greek Independence Day Parade, including me
Greek Independence Day Parade
some of the concelebrating priests for the feast of the Annunciation
Feast of the Annunciation; Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation


Metropolitan Evangelos
100th Anniversary - Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation
Fr. Constantine "Dean" Morales and Archbishop Demetrios
2005 Lenten Retreat; Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation


Fr. Pascal of St. Benedicts Roman Catholic Church and Fr. Michael Roshak of Christ the Savior Orthodox Mission
St Maximos, March 2006

Archbishop Lazar
Archbishop Lazar visits Christ the Savior Mission

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation
First snow of 2006

Chuck Thomas, on the right, recognized me from when I used to work for Gilbane Building Company as a temporary over ten years ago.
MWMCA January 2006 monthly meeting


construction; Seton Hill Neighborhood, Baltimore MD

St. Anna, grandmother of Jesus Christ
Miraculous icon visits Baltimore again; Holy Transfiguration Russian Orthodox Church (ROCOR)


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