On Wednesday 23 May 2007 after a very tension-filled half hour, I resigned from MWMCA when my boss came to me and said, "I don't want any crap from you!" This really hurt, especially since I really tried very hard to make MWMCA even better than it was. Their main fund raiser was just two weeks away and I am really concerned that my resignation might have a negative impact on the event and the future of the company.

I am looking for employment in the technology field. Besides creating web pages, I also do desktop publishing and word processing and photography.

I worked for MWMCA and my title was Technology Manager. They are a small advocacy organization for minority businesses. My main job was our web page, but I also did the bulk of the word processing and I took photographs for the organization.

MWMCA moved to 1107 North Point Blvd, Suite 227, Baltimore MD 21224. They are in the office complex across the street from East Point Mall. Adoris and I love our new space, although it is smaller. It is very convenient. I could walk across to the mall, get lunch, and be back in the office in 15 minutes. There is also the Golden Corral and we can eat all we want for under $8. Even closer is the Best Buffet where you can eat all you want for less than $7. The vegetables are fresh and the food is good. Our banks are close to the office and there are several stores which we use on a regular basis in the mall.

On Thursday 26 January we had our first and only Montly Meeting of the year.

Adoris left us for a better position and we are all extremely happy for her. The last time I talked with her she was extremely happy and it was obvious by her voice. I almost did not recognize her.

Your comments are always welcomed. All the photographs on this page were taken in 2005 and 2006 before I purchased my Canon Rebel dSLR. Later I purchased my Nikon D50 dSLR and that is the camera that I use all the time now.

After the first snow of the year, Wayne, our president, uses the opportunity to get his daily exercise

This was my space. For the first time in years I have my own desk.

My supervisor, Pat, is sitting at the front desk. I was trying out her camera. Later I purchased my own.

Our lunch area. It is more than adequate for our needs.

Our conference room.

As I leave the office, often the only thing that I can do is to sing the Great Prokeimenon: "Who is so great a God as our God! Thou art the God Who doest wonders! The sky makes even the parking lot look beautiful.

Will Buttarazzi discusses Baltimore Cristo Rey study with Pat.

Wayne Frazier geets a guest at our monthly meeting as Mayor O'Malley looks on. The mayor and I marched in a parade the following Sunday.

One of our guests took this photo of me with two other guests.
This couple has been married over 60 years.

If I did not know how beautiful Greek weddings were, I would after talking with this very interesting woman.

The gentleman and I talked about one of his fomer Russian employees whom I met when I worked at Harbor Bank.

Wayne is holding a discussion with the best looking Guy that I have ever seen and Guy also has a wonderful personality.

Wayne Frazier, my boss, with Maryland's first lady Kendel Erhlich.

I've met Jody in another function, namely the one in the previous photograph.

The gentleman from Downtown Partnership remembers me when I used to work for Harbor Bank.

Two of my former co-workers at Harbor Bank.

Co-worker Adoris, Phil Hower, Erik Wexler (President of Northwest Hospital, and I




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